About us

At Deluxe Sweet Creations, Martina’s passion for baking transforms simple ingredients into exquisite treats, adding a touch of magic to every celebration.

Our Head Baker

Born out of a love for blending flavours and crafting artful confections, Deluxe Sweet Creations is the heart and soul of Martina, a dedicated artisan baker in Pembrokeshire.

From her early days, Martina was captivated by the warmth of the kitchen and the mesmerising process of turning simple ingredients into delightful creations. It wasn't just about the recipes; it was about the joy her bakes brought to faces young and old. Over the years, this love for baking evolved into an unwavering passion, leading her to master the art and science behind each delicious concoction.

What sets Martina apart is her belief that baking is more than just a craft—it's an experience, a memory, a story waiting to be told. With every pinch of flour, dash of spice, and swirl of buttercream, she pours a part of herself into her creations, ensuring that every bite is filled with love and a touch of nostalgia.

At Deluxe Sweet Creations, we promise not just a cake, but a sensory journey that celebrates the magic of baking. So, whether you’re looking for a birthday cake, a festive cupcake, or a unique treat for any other special occasion, know that Martina is here to make it memorable.

Join us in celebrating life's sweet moments, one bake at a time.